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Computer repair services in Reading starting at just $20

Amorca Computer Repair of Reading, PA iconLooking for affordable computer repair in Reading, PA? Look no further than Amorca - Your affordable computer repair shop in Reading, Berks County, PA!

We are a family owned computer repair store that focus on providing Reading, PA - Berks County residents, and small businesses professional computer repair and security camera installed, at affordable prices!

Our expert computer repair technicians have over 30 years of pc repair and security camera installation experience, combined, and are waiting to assist you and resolving your computer problems, and secure your home or business with a professional camera system setup, at affordable prices!

Computer Repair and other services we offer in Reading, PA - Berks County!(Click me!)

Computer Repair Services

  • Amorca Computer repair services - For issues related to Software and Hardware such as motherboard, hard drive, memory, video card, power supply, etc...
  • Amorca Virus Removal - For computer viruses such as boot sector virus, direct action virus, file infector virus, macro virus, multipartite virus, polymorphic virus, resident virus (or memory resident virus), and web scripting virus
  • Amorca Spyware Removal - For removal of malware types such are adware, bot, ransomware, rootkit, spyware, trojan horse, and other worms
  • Amorca Bloatware Removal - If you bought a new computer and your pc still runs slow? Then your computer has bloatware - UN-necessary application, or pre-installed software that came with your computer which consumes system resources, take up storage space (hard drive space), and RAM - Do you need that Junk? NO!!!
  • Amorca Data Backup - We help you backup your data safely and at a very affordable price
  • Amorca Data Recovery (desktop, laptop and flash drive data recovery) - Your operating system, be it MS Windows or Apple MAC OS, will eventually crash and when it does, we can help you recover your data
  • Amorca Data Transfer - Need to transfer data, software settings and more, from your old to your new computer? We can help!
  • Amorca Password Recovery - Did you forget your password and cannot log in to windows? No problem! We can recover, remove or change your windows password
  • Amorca Computer Diagnostic - Is something wrong with your desktop, or laptop but not sure what? Let us help you find the problem and fix it for you!
  • Amorca PC Tune - Does your desktop, or computer laptop seems running slow? Or does it take forever for windows to boot? We know why and we can help!
  • Amorca Remote Support - Do you leave outside Reading, Berks County, or in another state? Do you still have access to the Internet? Then our remote support service is the right solution for you, no matter where you are!
  • Amorca Emergency Computer Repair - Are you having computer problems right now and need repair? Call Amorca - Your PC doctor, at 484-220-1888 Now!
  • Amorca Computer Training - Is Windows 8 user interface new to you, and difficult to tame? Do you need help learning how to us MS Office Suite such as MS Outlook, MS Excel, MS Word, or other non-Microsoft software? Our computer training can make you an expert in using Windows 8 (or previous versions), and other applications, in no time!

Network Services

  • Amorca Home and Business Network Setup - Need to setup a home, or business network? We can setup your wired network and connect all your PCs and peripherals such as network printer, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and more, at a price that won't break your bank or put a large hole in your wallet!
  • Amorca Wireless Network Setup - Do you need help selecting, installing, and configuring a wireless router, wireless access point! We can help you install all your wireless equipments and choose the best location for your wireless router and access point for better wireless performance
  • Amorca Network Security - Did you properly setup your wireless security on your newly purchased wireless router? If you are among those who use the default wireless security settings that came with your router, you might be letting others access your files, and use your Internet bandwidth to stream movies without your knowledge! We can help you close that security hole and stop others from using your Internet!

iDevice Services - iPhone, iPad repair

  • Amorca iPhone Repair (most models) - Is your iPhone screen cracked? Do you need to customize your iPhone? We can fix your broken iPhone screen, or customize the color, at a lower price than what you would get from any other iPhone repair shops in Reading, Berks County, PA - Did we mention that we can also Unlock your iPhone?
  • Amorca iPad Repair (most models) - We offer affordable iPad Repair services in Reading, PA such as iPad broken screen repair, volume problems, iPad color customization, than any other iPad repair store in Reading!

Security Camera Install Services

Amorca Security Camera Install (Residential/Business) - Do you need to protect your home, or your business, with a security camera system that meets your budget, but not sure how to proceed, or which security camera system offers the best features for your dollar? We can help choose, install and configure your security camera system in Reading, PA and throughout Berks County, at a fraction of what others charge. Amorca security camera install service can help you protect your family and secure your business so your can sleep knowing that your residence, or business is safe!

Just because you might not see a computer repair service that is not listed above, it does not mean we can't help you? Just call us at 484-220-1888 and one of our computer repair technician will answer all your computer question and assist you with whether you need!

Why Choose Amorca? - Because We Focus on You!

At Amorca - Computer Repair of Reading PA we put our customers first and take the extra steps to make sure that the issue is resolved at the customer's convenience, at the least amount of time and with the lowest price possible. Previous customers have selected Amorca Computer Repair of Reading, PA as their computer repair shop because of the following

  • Free consultation with no obligations
  • Affordable
  • No hiding cost
  • Fast Turn Around
  • Friendly and Professional technicians that will explain the problem without using geek terms
  • Mobile Computer Repair - You can't come to us? We will come to you
  • We will match or beat our competitor's quoted price

You get complete 'Satisfaction' with Amorca!

We have been providing computer repair to our residential and business customers in Reading PA, Berks County and surrounding areas for years. We have the knowledge, the means, the processes and resources to ensure your complete satisfaction.

A computer doctor in Reading, PA is standing by to help you!

If you are having a computer problem and need our affordable computer repair services, call us at 484-220-1888 to speak to one of our computer technician now!

Make Amorca your local computer repair shop in Reading, PA!


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