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Bloatware removal in Reading, PA for just $35

Bloatware removal in Reading, PA at a price you can afford - By Amorca - Computer Repair shop in Reading, Berks County, PA!

You just purchased a brand new desktop or laptop computer and think that you can already surf the web or write a paper for school. Not so fast... haven't you noticed over a dozen or so programs, bloatware (like demos, or trial software) that came pre-installed that you don't even need, nor asked for.

Some PC makers charge to remove the Bloatware they've installed

Believe it or not, some computer makers will charge you up to $60 to sale you a bloatware-free pc for something that you should not have in the first place. What is ironic is that the same company is getting a cut for including the junkware.

What is bloatware and why should I get rid of it?

Bloatware is software that is pre-installed from the factory and don't really need but can use a large amount of hard drive space or computer resources. Bloatware is also called 'crapware', 'junkware' that you probably won't use or possibly have a better alternative to that free trial version of Norton Antivirus, a free trial of AOL, MS Office (you might prefer OpenOffice) or any other financial software with a 30 days free trial. Removing bloatware from your computer will help in the following ways:

  • Will make your computer boot faster by removing unnecessary startup programs
  • Prevent your pc from coming to a crawl
  • Make more system resources available for windows to run faster
  • and much more...

Our $35 Reading, PA Bloatware removal service to the rescue!

Contacting Amorca Computer and Web Solutions will help you remove bloatware, regain control and take back your pc and start using your desktop or laptop as it was meant to be used. At Amorca Computer and Web Solutions, we asked ourselves the following question "What if we could invoice the pc manufacturers for our bloatware removal service to rid our clients pc of all the pre-installed junkware?".

Not sure how to remove Bloatware?

If you are not sure on how to remove Bloatware from your newly purchased pc, we can assist you in removing the 'software bloat' for the affordable price of just $35. While at it, we will even recommend the best plan of action to take to even optimize your desktop or laptop even further and without even hurting your wallet. Contact Amorca Computer and Web Solutions, at 484.220.1888, and ask for our clients most requested bloatware removal service in Reading PA, once again, for just $35.

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