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When I realized how slow my girlfriend's computer was, I called Amor to optimize her system in hopes of speeding it up. He came to the house and, instead of trying to sell me a bunch of fixes, he appraised the situation and gave me honest advice..., either purchase more RAM memory from Dell's online website (which was the only thing that could speed it up) or purchase a new computer. He even agreed to walk me through the process of buying more memory to make sure I purchased the right stuff. And when I opted to buy a new computer for her instead, Amor was there with excellent recommendations. I purchased one of the systems he recommended and got an excellent new computer for a reasonable price. - By Richard Costanzo on 04/20/2010

I highly recommend computer repair of Reading because of their competent and timely repair service. My problem with low hard drive space was resolved quickly and I was able to pick up my computer the next day. I appreciated the follow-up phone call the next day to ask of there were any problems. The costs involved seemed very reasonable and I would certainly use Amor again if problems arise. A very friendly and professional experience. - By Walter Henry on 05/18/2010

I knew my desktop had a virus in it and tried to remove it but just couldn't. called best buy and and staples for assistance. one offered not to charge me diagnostic fee if they were not able to fix my problem but their virus removal cost was close to $130, and the other had a very expensive diagnostic fee which did not include the repair. looked around and found computer repair of reading. spoke to amor, explained to him the issue and just wanted him to remove it without charging me with any other fees. Amor agreed and 2 hours later, amor called me back explaining that my computer was actually infected with over 87 spyware. I picked up my clean computer and it only cost me $55, including free antispyware software recommendation. thank you amor for a job well done in a very short amount of time. Affordable and professional work in the shortest amount of time. I would highly recommend computer repair of reading to all my friends. - By Jane Adams on 05/19/2010

Was on the phone yesterday with Amor for almost an hour. Told him about how SLOW my computer was. Found out that the RAM on my computer was not even enough for Windows XP which I have. I've had the computer for almost 7 years so decided with Amor that it was not worth upgrading, so at some point I will be getting the computer he suggested for me. He was such a nice guy, answered all my questions and was told there was no charge for talking on the phone. I will let my friends know that if they ever need computer service, they should call Amor, his prices are reasonable compared to the Geek Squad, who I also contacted. If my new computer ever needs service, Amor will be the one I call. I really appreciated that he took the time to help me with my problem. You really don't find too many people like him anymore. Thanks Amor - By Pat Tobin on 05/27/2010

It is with absolutely no hesitation that I would recommend Amor and his services. My husband and I are not particularly intelligent when it comes to computers, but we knew things were not good when our computer refused to work recently on a Saturday afternoon. We did try to run our antiviral programs, except our computer would not allow us to do anything. Having contacted several friends who rely on their computers for their business to get advice, we were uniformily told that our computer was @#%!. Great. None of our friends however had any good advice on how to get it fixed. Their advice was to buy a new computer. On a random whim, I searched a local computer repair service ( on a non affected computer), and found Computer Repair of Reading. I read the testimonials, and cross referenced the names with locations in the phone book. I am not a particularly trusting person.Hoping it was legitimate we contacted Amor, who agreed to let us bring over our computer despite the fact it was Father's Day Sunday. He not only fixed our computer, cleaned my memory stick of all it's downloaded bugs, he also somehow managed to keep all my unbacked up files. Previously when we have had the computer fixed, all unbacked up files where deleted. He also advised us to get an external hard drive, which he formatted for us. He has subsequently called to check on us, check that the external hard drive is working. Without a doubt there are probably many people out there who could do all this themselves. We cannot. Amor was timely, saved my computer, saved all my work files, and did his very best to educate us to be more computer savvy ( in this area I feel that he can only fail). All for a very reasonable price. I would also like to thank Amor's wife and family for graciously allowing us to invade their home and time, so that our computer could be fixed. - By Elizabeth Leeds on 01/07/2010

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