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i knew my loptop was messed up and had all kind of virus i wasn't able to do anything on in and there was all kind of virus on it but thank god amor took a look at it and right away he was able to fix it and the price was reasonable and i would recommend computer repair of reading to anybody who has a problem or any kind of virus on their computer . - By Fatima B on 07/12/2010

If you live in Reading PA and need you computer fixed, contact Amorca for I never had this kind of service anywhere else.

I was having problem accessing the internet using my laptop wirelessly. Called windstream and I was told that the problem was not on their side and that I had to contact a computer repair shop. Called staples, geek squad, officemax and other local computer repair stores and the cheapest price I was offered to have someone come to my house was $159.99 and that did not include repairing the computer itself. I searched google for computer repair shop in the reading area and landed on site - They had their prices listed and decided to give them a try.

I spoke to a lady and she told me that her husband was at a customer's location but will call me back soon. 5 minutes after I hungup, Amor called me and I started explaining the problem to him. He gave me an approximate quote over the phone, which is a lot cheaper than what I got from others, and told me that the Diagnostic Fee will only be $25 for a special that it actualy run out at the end of 12/31/2010.

Amor came to my house and he actualy fixed 2 problem. One was the issue with wireless adapter that I did not even need that was conflicting with the one that the laptop already had. The second issue was actualy with the provider which Amor was nice to contact on my behalf and spent 45 minutes on the phone with them till the issue was resolved. So, Amor resolved 2 issues, recommended free antivirus and antispyware because I did not have any installed on my laptop. Now, the next day, I had problem again and called Amor again but we found out that the issue was actually the provider again and recommended that I contact him if it happens again for we might need to have the provider's modem replaced. Amor did not even charge me for troubleshooting the issue the next morning. A week later, Amor followed up again and told him that I did not have any problem since and that everything is fine.

I know that I could go on and on but then I will end up writting a book. I would highly recommend Amor for any computer services for his price was very good, he was nice and full of humor and he made me very comfortable talking to him because he spoke to me like I speak, no computer gibberish. Once again, thank you Amor :) - By Barbara Shaeffer on 01/04/2011

I can and do whole-heartedly recommend Amor and his work. I was visiting my family in Reading over the Christmas holidays when my HP Pavilion crashed. Amor did a first-rate job of fixing everything, above and beyond my initial problem. He also was kind enough to show me several things I could do to improve my PC's performance, as well as, suggesting appropriate software to protect it from such crashes in the future. His prices were FAR below other quotes I received and his service was FAR above!
I read all of the other reviews on this site before I called him and I must say I agree THIS is the place to go for any computer needs or issues in Berks County - business or personal computing both. THANK YOU AMOR! (P.S. He is also a very kind, generous, and good person in my experience.)
- By Rowan B on 01/06/2011

I Carlos Nieves, am very thankful for the help that you did on my computer. I would recomend you to everyone i know. Thank YOU - By Carlos Nieves on 03/19/2011

it was around 8 pm when I called and got Amor and spoke to him about my laptop problem. Amor said that he had closed the shop but if I wanted, I can drop the laptop by his house. I agreed and took the laptop to him. Explained to him the problem I was having with my laptop and he replied saying that he will look at it and will call me back shortly. 1 hour later, Amor called me back telling me what was wrong with my laptop and said that, unless he gets other something unexpected, he should have my laptop reading by tomorrow at 10 am. Amor called me back, the next day, not at 10 am but at 9:15 am and told me that my laptop was ready. I picked up my laptop and asked him as to what was the problem with my laptop and he said that my laptop had about 89 spyware infection total and one corrupt windows dll file. I thought that it was going to cost me a lot of money, at least over $150 but I was only charged $80, which is a lot cheaper 3 other computer repair shops, around reading. The other shops were going to at least charge me around $70 just to look at my laptop and the repair would be extra. I am glad that I got to work with Amor and very happy with their service, professionalism and more than decent price for the repair. I highly recommend him without hesitation. - By Tom S on 01/01/2011

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