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My laptop computer turns on but nothing on the screen. Called most of the computer store in reading pa but they all quoted me high diagnostic fee but when i called amorca computer and web solution, I got the chance to speak to the owner, amor, and he said that, because today was a religious holiday, he will look at the laptop later on that afternoon and will he will not charge me the diagnostic fee, which is around 25 dollars. Took my laptop to him that afternoon and within 1/3, he called me with his diagnostic result and told me that it was a motherboard/video card issue and he also mentioned that he believe that there was a class action suit against HP due to this problem and advised that I contact them first before spending any money. Well, I did take his advised and even asked him as to why he mentioned the class action lawsuite against HP and not just quote me for a repair?. his reply was that he would appreciate if someone would tell him what he told me about his car and eliminate any un-necessary out of pocket cost. I told him that I will check with hp and call him back with the result and my plan but even if I don't have to take back this particular laptop to him, I will, in the future, call him first for any computer problem I might have in the future and have him fix them. I give Amorca unlimitted Thumbs-Up - By Tom C on 01/09/2011

My hard drive crashed 2 days before the 4th of July holiday and needed the data to be recovered before Tuesday, July 5th because of an important customer database that I had stored. I called Amorca, after calling Best Buy, Staples and other local computer repair shop, and spoke to Amor about my hard drive issue. Again, the data on my hard drive was very important to me and my business, therefore, money was no subject but still needed to shop around. I had very important data such as pictures, customer database, etc... on my hard drive which needed to be retrieved. Other data recovery shops in reading quoted me at $500 for 100 MB of data with no guarantee. After speaking to Amor, he quoted me $150 for everything and he even added that it will cost me nothing if he cannot recover any data. Amor asked me to bring my external hard drive and 3 hours later, he call me back to let me know that he was able to recover over 20GB of data (movies, music, pictures, customer database, etc...) and saved it to the external drive I gave him at the price he quoted me for, which is $150. What can I say, Amor at Amorca computer repair saved me a lot of money and time and the headache of re-creating my customer database. For any computer repair or data recovery in reading pa, I am going to recommend, whole heartedly, Amor at Amorca. I have made Amorca my computer repair technician in reading and I will recommend Amor to all my friends and customers. - By Robert D on 06/07/2011

I tell u what i dont know anything about fixing my laptop the only thing i know is how to get on line an look threw my pages news an craig list an a few more pages like fb an all, i had my laptop on my bed on an it went out i turned it on an nothing, i went right on the internet and found amorcas website with the prices, 25.00 to look at it an he called me a few times to tell me how much it would be,it was 250.00 the next day he called me an told me me he had gotten it cheaper for me, he said he did a recovery on it an it was 160.00 an if i wanted the cd it would be 30 more, i bought the cds an my computer works like new im so happy with it,i would recomend him to anyone who needs there computer fixed he is the best an not far from my house, i live in reading so 16th st so im only 10 min away, thk god i have a new friend to work on my laptop, thk u so much - Hard Drive was repaired, Windows was reinstalled, all the programs were also reinstaled and I received 4 DVDs with the whole installation for just 190 - By Carlos Rodriguez on 01/23/2012


My hard earned money was well spent. I took the time to write this testimonial because Amorca took the time to listen to my computer problems and helped me move on from the old to the new stuff.

My old computer crashed and looked for a computer repair store in Reading PA and after talking to several of them, I decided to take my computer for repair to Amorca Computer repair store in Reading because of the following reasong - When I called a well known computer store in Reading (I am not going to mention the name) but I am sure you can guess), I was told that it would cost me around $60, or something like that, just to have them look at it and then, depending the problem, there would be another charge to repair the problem. Then I called another pc repair store also in Reading, I was offered a low diagnostic service but when I asked them for their pc repair prices, the prices started to get rediculously high. Then I googled more for an affordable computer technician in the vicinity of Reading because I leave in Fleetwoot, I decided to give Amorca Computer Repair a try. I called and got Amor. Amor was very pleasant on the phone and when talking to me, he was not using geeky terms like the other computer stores. Amor offered me a $25 Diagnostic Fee, which is not bad compared to other what I was offered by other computer repair stores in Fleetwood and Reading.

When I explained the problem to him, I asked him how much it will cost me to repair my computer. Amor was very honest with me and told me that since my computer was a very old pc, it is not worth the repair because it would be spending money on something that is liable to fail again and I will still be using my same old and slow computer. I asked him if I should purchase a new computer and he was honest enough to recommend the best pc I could afford. Amor even offered to help me pick a computer from an online store at no extra charge and he went through explaining each part of the computer and why I would be need that particular part. At the end, I ended up spending $450 on a new computer tailored to my needs. After I received my new computer and as promised, I contacted Amor and he came to my house to setup my new computer. He even removed the old hard drive from my old computer and added it to my new computer where I can access my documents from the old hard drive. He transfered all my documents to the new hard drive then set it up so that I can save documents on the new hard drive and it will backup my files and folders to the old hard drive for backup. During all that time, I knew exactly how much it would cost me for everything, therefore, I was able to ask him to do other things for me such as setup a security for my wireless at home. Once done, my total bill was less than $170, which is very very cheap compared to how much I would have been charge for everything Amor did.

Remember, I called him and instead of trying to fix a very old computer and take my money knowing that I might have another problem in a month or so, he recommended a new pc. He also came to my house in Fleetwood PA, setup my computer and my old hard drive and also setup the security for my wireless and all that, for less than $170 and he had to come all the way to Fleetwood. I told Amor that I will recommend him to all my friends and family.  If you need your computer repaired, contact Amorca Computer Repair in Reading and you won't regret it.... I didn't. - By Jennifer T. on 02/03/2012


Amor did a wonderfull job for me and my laptop. Thanks to him, I can play my games. Try him, you will be satisfied and well pleased - By Martha on 02/10/2012


I received the best quality service ever!!!!  We had been trying to get our laptop to work for three weeks.  Amorca Computer & Web Solutions were able to get it up and running in no time.  In my opinion, if you have a computer problem, this is the company you should definitely use.  They are not only fast they are very knowledgeable.  The bottom line, if you have a computer problem Amorca can fix it!!! - By Maria C. on 02/17/2012


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