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Wireless security setup in Reading starting at $60

Did you know that setting up your network security by just clicking on router's WPS button will not secure your network? If you have not setup your wireless security manually, you might be leaving your network open to unwanted prying eyes and are, unwillingly, giving access to your Internet bandwidth to your neighbor!

Network security services in Reading PA has been made easy, low cost and effective by Amorca Computer Repair of Reading, Berks County, PA. Proper wireless network security needs to be taking seriously if you want to safeguard your wireless network and your personal data from prying eyes.

Unfortunately, many folks still setup their wireless router using the WPS (wireless security button found on most routers) button to setup their wireless security because:

  • Clicking on the WPS button to setup the wireless security is easy
  • Not sure how to setup their home wireless network accordingly
  • In a hurry to get Online without thinking twice

Do you know what could really happen to your data and Internet bandwidth if you have not properly setup your wireless security? If you are not sure how to properly setup your network security, then, at Amorca, we can help!


Wireless security with today's wireless routers - Today's wireless products, wireless routers for example, don't help and are not very intuitive in assisting the customer in easily setting up their wireless security with the highest level of protection. What routers' manufacturers want is have you setup your wireless security without having to call them! Are they really helping you protect your network? Not really!

At Amorca Computer Repair of Reading, Berks County, PA, we are not fond of the "one-button set all" feature available in most of today's wireless routers. We like to be in control of the router's wireless security setup process in order to select the highest available Wireless Security Encryption level the router supports such as WPA, WPA2, Radius, etc!


At the core of most Wi-Fi Home Networks, there is an access point or router. Manufacturers provide web pages that allow owners to enter their network address and account information to set up the Wireless Access Point ,or the router itself. These Web tools are protected with a login screen (username and password) so that only the rightful owner can do this.

However, even though most routers come with good network security features, the logins provided are simple and very well-known to hackers on the Internet, and unfortunately, remains unchanged by the user, therefore, leaving their router open to prying eyes!

We strongly recommend that you change the default admin name and password login of the router immediately in order to prevent access to your home, or business network

Reading's Most affordable network security setup

When hiring us to setup your home, or business network security, you will get a professional service with the highest security level at an affordable price!

Every home or business must determine for themselves, the level of risk they are comfortable with when installing their router using the default settings. The better a wireless network is administered, the more secure it becomes. However, the only truly secure network is the one never built!.

Contact us today at 484.220.1888 and let us properly secure your network with the highest available security encryption level!


We offer Network Security in Reading PA at an affordable price!


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