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Steps to Achieving High SEO Ranking

Achieve high ranking using simple steps

High search ranking with high lead conversion is the number one goal for every business owner who has setup an online presence. To achieve higher SEO ranking with good conversion, you not only have to implement an SEO campaign but also make sure that you are employing the right and ethical SEO techniques.

Even some basic knowledge of SEO guidelines can go a long way in helping you position your website on the top 3 of the search engine result page (SERP). But doing it wrong might also get you banned and for a very long time unless you take the proper steps to cleanup your site and request a reconsideration from the search engines that banned your site.

Again, there are simple techniques and guidelines, that if followed and not broken, will insure that your website will achieve a strong and profitable search ranking with all the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo and help you beat your competition to the punch for years to come.

Amorca Computer and Web Solutions will take the following important steps in order to have your website achieve high organic "search ranking", lead conversion and increase sales

KEYWORD RESEARCH - First and foremost, choosing the right targeted keywords/key phrases leading to high traffic that is actually interested in your services or products will lead to a higher conversion rates.

  • Do not target the wrong keywords/key phrases.   
  • Do not keyword stuff your page(s)

DOMAIN NAME SELECTION - Selecting a good Domain Name using keywords might help you, and at the same time, might not help you at all. All depends on what you are trying to achieve with your website will dictate whether you should register a domain name using keywords or go for something that is very brandable. Matt Cutts, who happens to be part of Google webmaster team explains it better "How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?".

DESIGN YOUR WEBSITE LOCALY FIRST - It is strongly recommended that you completely design your website on a locale machine first. Doing so will help you see your working website as a whole and be able to see problems and fix them before your site is incorrectly indexed. Designing your website locally first, instead of while online, will help you with the following:

  • Give you a second chance to look at your website layout (colors, menus, etc...),
  • Revise "Page Title" for every page on your website and see if they should  actually be re-written with better ones that will entice visitors to actually click on your website on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)
  • See whether your website is properly structured with an optimized sitemap and good internal URLs naming scheme using targeted keywords/key phrases,
  • Help you revise each page content and make appropriate changes when needed for better SEO,
  • Remove anything that will not better service your website and better serve your visitors such as a "Hit Counter" which happens to be of the old school,
  • Check for any internal links that might lead to a "404 error page",
  • Page size - Eliminate any picture that might be the cause of an increased page load time.
  • Page load time - even though with today's speed of above 1 Mb, it is highly recommended that you lower your Page load time (for every page within your website) by removing any unnecessary content. Small picture used for a "Call to Action" scheme is OK for it might help you convert your visitors into buyers and increase sales,
  • and much more

GOOD PAGE TITLE - The page title tag (the one you see on the title bar of a browser) is the single most important SEO element, therefore, write a good and keyword/key phrase targeted title.

  • Do not exceed 70 maximum characters when writing your title
  • Do not target the wrong keywords/key phrases
  • Do not keyword stuff your title - Only use no more than 2 targeted keywords
  • Put your main keywords/key phrases at the beginning of the title for all other pages except your landing page
  • If you have some space left for your title on other pages, you can put your company name at the end and only if you have already used the 2 most targeted keywords/key phrases
  • For your landing page, you can put your company name at the beginning of the title for branding purposes

META DESCRIPTION - Properly writing Meta descriptions for each page might not be important for search engine ranking but are very important if used properly to entice visitors into clicking your link instead of a competitor's on the search engine result page - SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). 

EFFECTIVE KEYWORD RESEARCH - Keyword research is a very important aspect of your search engine marketing campaign. We will work hard in targeting the right keywords for your products or services to help customers find you. Right Keywords put strategically in content - Once we determine the best keyword phrases to use for a specific page, we will strategically place them so that search engines will associate the keyword with that specific webpage or product.

KEYWORD META TAGS - Does Google use keywords "Meta Tag" in web search? NO, Google does not use the keywords meta tag in their web search. Should you? Yes because Google is not the only search engine out there; therefore, do not forget Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines out there that might actually put some weight on the keywords meta tag. If you decided to use keywords meta tag, remember that you have competitors that might spy on your website and use that against you to gain higher ranking. Not sure what to do? contact Amorca Computer and Web Solutions, at 484.220.1888 and we will explain the Meta tags dilemma and recommend the best course to take.
GOOD CONTENT WRITING - Have you heard of the old saying "Content is KING"?. Even though it is an old saying, it is still and will hold true for many years to come; therefore, it is very important that you write a good content that is free of grammar errors and typos for each page. Not sure how to write good content for your business theme that will lead to high conversion? We can help. We offer "Content Writing" services at a very affordable price.

INTERNAL LINKS - Properly linking your internal pages is among the most important aspect of "Good SEO" and "High Ranking". We will select the right keyword phrases to generate internal links that are optimized for search ranking.

OPTIMIZED ALT TAGS - An ALT tag is the alternative text of an image. Remember that there are web surfer that suffer from good vision, therefore, it is important that you also cater to them. Also, lacking the ALT tag will make your HTML not valid. When using an image, it is better to use an ALT tag text to uses the same function as the image itself. Again, use the ALT tag to describe the image and not just just repeating your keywords/key phrases.  For example, if you have a picture, such as the one used below as a " Call to action image" in order to entice visitors or prospects to contact Amorca Computer and Web Solutions, purchase one of our SEO service plan and receive $50 OFF their first month.


If you use an "Image ALT text tool", like Patrick Sexton's Image ALT Text Tool, to check on the above image, you should see the ALT tag information below

Above image has 5 words in the alt text.

The ALT text of this image appears to be following the Google guidelines well!
Above image has dimensions (height/width)
Width: 300
Height: 100

PAGE HEADING - Good and keyword rich headings are key components (among many others) to a well optimized page. Most of the time, H1 and H2 headings are used and H3 through H6 are left out. We are not saying that you should leave H3, H4, H5 and H6 out but only use them when needed to better structure your page. If you decide to only use H1 and H2, we recommend that you use them as follow:

  • H1 - Use H1 once as a Main Heading of the page - Using rich targeted keywords or key phrases
  • H2 - Use H2 for sub-heading throughout that same page- also using rich targeted keywords or key phrases

PROPER URL STRUCTURE - SEO friendly URLs. Structure your site's URL as simple as possible and logically while using targeted keywords or phrases. see below for some good examples

  • Use keywords rich URLs - For example: if you are optimizing localy and using categories for your computer repair services, seo services, etc...
  • Or if you have not setup categories within your website.
  • Do not forget to use hyphens (-) in your URLs instead of underscores (_) for it is much more useful then the latter option
  • If possible, avoid dynamically generated URLs with session IDs because they can create a large amount of duplication. You can avoid Session IDs by turning on mod rewrite to generate (SEF) SEO friendly URLs.

FILE & IMAGE NAME - Proper file or image naming structure has its importance for on page optimization. Search engines will use the name of your file (pdf, word, excel, images) and if named properly, it will increase your search engine ranking. For example, if you are using your business logo, make sure that you named the picture as follow:

  • business name-logo.png (or jpeg, etc) like amorca-logo.png, or amorca-computer-web-solutions-logo.png
  • DO NOT USE logo.png, logo.jpeg or any other picture extension.

OPTIMIZE YOUR SITE AND NOT SOMEONE ELSE'S - Avoid "Mass Article Submission Tools" at all cost. Are you trying to bring visitors or customers to your site or to someone else's? Even though we have nothing against good article submission sites, we prefer writing good articles for our own website and not somebody else. Don't take us wrong! We believe in sharing and things like that but we do not believe in content duplication and submitting the same articles that you have on your website to other sites might create 'duplicate content' issue.

But, and this is a big BUT, if you write a good content to get your niche and then submit that content to a high authority site that matches your niche, then you might get good backlinks to your site especially if you can get them to match your targeted keywords/key phrases with your anchor text and linking to your desired page.

Optimizing every element, no matter how minor it is, will greatly improve your SEO campaign and your rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The above are just some of the many steps Amorca Computer and Web Solutions takes in optimizing your website for your readers and search engines.


You can achieve high search engine ranking by following our above steps or Guidelines

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