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Are you looking for a local SEO company that has been offering affordable local SEO services and helping small businesses improve their visibility in local search, bring more customers to their local store at local SEO pricing no other local SEO companies can match or beat?

Then your search for a local SEO company ends right here, right now because you’ve just found the best local SEO company with decades of optimizing local businesses websites for local customers and search engines.

Having a local web presence is a great way to promote your small business for local customers residing in your local area, or vacationers visiting your city and looking for products you sell.

Moreover, during this Covid-19 pandemic, your potential customers have been looking for the necessities in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

But for the customers to find you and buy from you, your small business needs to be easily found on Google or Bing because if they can’t find you, they will surely find your competitor and buy from them, instead of you.

Affordable Local SEO Services
Affordable Local SEO Services by BuzFind

In addition, if your local business can’t be found in local search, it means that your local small business doesn’t exit.


Our affordable local SEO services can help your local store achieve top ranking in Google or Bing’s (including other major search engines) local searches and entice local customers to buy from you.

BuzFind local SEO specialists will offer you powerful local SEO strategies that will ensure that your small business will continue to grow and prosper in your local city.

If you are a small business catering for nationwide customers, then our affordable SEO services are for you.

By investing in our affordable local SEO services, you will put your small business website above your local competitors on Google, Bing, or any other major search engine.

The strength of achieving a top local ranking and bring more customers is understanding your targeted local audience.

BuzFind’s local SEO strategy will help potential local customers find you online and entice the right local traffic to come to you, and not go to your competitors.

Unless you want to attract the wrong customers we call window shoppers, you must partner with the best local SEO agency, like BuzFind, and not look for local search engine optimization companies offering cheap local SEO packages.


More than 80% of shoppers use their favorite search engine to research a product, service, and the company before they purchase from them. If your local business website is not ranking in the top position of the first search result page for the search query that matches their intent, then your potential customers will see your competitors on the search result page and not you.

Investing in affordable local SEO services will help you improve your visibility in local searches and increase qualified traffic to your website.


Now that we’ve talked about why you should invest in affordable local SEO services, let’s discuss what is local SEO and how it could help grow your small local business.

Local SEO is a marketing strategy local small businesses use to help the company be more visible in local search results on Google, Bing, and other major search engines and help you attract local customers to your local business.

If you are a local business with a physical location serving a specific geographic area, then your local business could benefit tremendously from investing in affordable local SEO services. BuzFind affordable SEO services include local SEO services if you are a local business.

Local SEO Company
Local SEO Company – BuzFind


Are you ready to optimize your local business for local searches and get found on page 1 of Google and of other major search engines and have your webpage appear above your competitors? Our affordable local SEO services can do just that and for less than what other local SEO companies charge today for their local marketing today.

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We offer affordable local SEO services because we want to help small businesses with limited local SEO marketing resources to have the same marketing advantages as big businesses.

We want to help your small business to grow in your community and help local customers find you and buy from you.

When residents do business with a local store, not only the local small business strives, the whole community strives too.

We understand that there are a plethora of local SEO agencies to choose from. But our team of experienced and dedicated local SEO professionals is ready to help your local store and your community grow and strive by offering you the best local SEO solutions for less than what other local marketing companies charge today.

Local SEO Services
Local SEO Services – BuzFind


When you partner with BuzFind and make us your local SEO agency of choice, you can expect the following results:


At BuzFind, you’ll get more on-page SEO features for less money. We give you professional on-page SEO services at affordable prices you won’t get from other on-page SEO companies in the USA, and abroad.

Many SEO companies will offer you a plethora of SEO features to entice you and get you to sign up for their on site SEO. They do this to make you think that you’ll be getting more for your buck. But the truth of the matter is that you’ll be getting more of the old and obsolete SEO techniques and a lot less of what you need for a lot of money.

When you choose BuzFind as your on-page SEO company, you will get exactly what your business needs at prices you won’t see offered by ethical and professional SEO agencies. Our SEO experts have been optimizing web pages for on site SEO for over two decades and they can do the same for you.

1. We Analyze Your Website For Local SEO Issues

No matter how much money you spent on the design of your small business website, it doesn’t mean the thousands of dollars you spend on the web design made your small business website SEO and consumer-friendly. Our first step in optimizing your website for local SEO is to evaluate your website for search engines and users by performing an SEO site audit.

An SEO audit will tell us what is preventing your website from getting a higher ranking in local searches and what is working. Once we have a site audit report, we can then look at the site audit results and customize a strong local SEO strategy that once implemented, you’ll see a positive impact on your ranking and sales. Isn’t that why you came here? Sell more products or services you offer.

2. We Analyze Your Local Competition

At BuzFind, we are always looking at your local business growth opportunities. A competitor analysis will help us keep an eye on your competitors, determine their strengths and weaknesses within your local market. We will then look and implement local SEO strategies that will provide your small local business with distinct advantages over your local competitors.

Ethically, we’ll also exploit any weaknesses your competition has. Again, looking at your competitors’ local marketing strategy and weaknesses is ethical because it will help you implement ethical local SEO techniques to outrank and out-do your competitors in your community and within your city. The more you learn about your competitors, the higher chance you’ll have to out-rank all of them.

3. Implement The Right Keyword Research Campaign

Once we understand your business, your website, have a good understanding of your industry and local competition, and identified your target audience, we can begin our keyword research campaign. Our way of performing keyword research is not the same as a keyword research campaign done by many other local SEO companies.

We’ll look at key phrases used by your competitors and at their intent behind each search query used by your potential customers to find the products you sell or services you offer and that they need. Doing all of this will help your local small business achieve a top position in local searches and bring local customers to your local store. Gone are the days of using the old form of performing keyword research.

4. Develop A Good Local SEO Strategy

Don’t worry, we are almost there! Like we mentioned early, No two local businesses are the same even if they offer the same products or services. You can’t just implement a cookie-cutter local SEO strategy and call it done. After all of the above work, you can’t mess up now because this process is extremely important to the success of your local SEO strategy.

One of our experienced local SEO professionals will work with you in developing a custom local SEO strategy that will propel your small business into Googledom and put you way above your competitors in search results. One important thing to remember here is… We can’t do this alone. We’ll need your inputs and feedback to build a rock-solid local marketing strategy and do it together.

5. Content Optimization For Local SEO

We are starting to see a bright light at the end of the tunnel. You can’t build a website for your local business and write tons of content and expect your local SEO strategy to succeed. Everything is about quality and not quantity. Content is one of many important factors in local SEO optimization. You’ll need quality and relevant content and this is where content optimization comes in.

Content optimization for local SEO is the process of offering high-quality content to your visitors using keywords based on your potential customers’ intent when they use a query to find your products or services. Content optimization involves seeking to transform keyword research into real and good-quality text that can boost your ranking in organic search results and attract customers. The purpose of content optimization is to properly map each keyword behind customers’ intent and offer high-quality and relevant copy.

6. Before The Launch Of Your Local SEO Services Campaign

We’re getting closer to that light we’ve been seeing. Before we launch your local SEO services campaign, we need some solid data and we can only collect that important data using online tools. If these local SEO services are for a new website, then there will be no data, and will have to launch your local SEO campaign now.

But if this is for an existing website, then we’ll need data from your Google Analytics, Google My Business (GMB). If you don’t already have a GMB, our affordable local SEO services include setting up GMB for you. All the data we’ll collect will help us see and gauge how well your local SEO campaign is performing and make the necessary adjustment to your local SEO strategy. The purpose of everything we did so far is to get you top ranking and more customers.

7. The Launch – Huston, We Have Lift-Off

The light is bright and we are ready to launch. This is the day we’ve all been waiting for and it is the most important one for you. Now you can sit, relax with your favorite drink and watch the lift-off. But before we launch and call it a day, our local SEO professionals will discuss everything with you before pushing the launch button just to make sure that our customized local SEO strategy is in part with your marketing goals.

Most of the time, we’ve already talked about it with you and we just want to make final adjustments before launch. All of what we’ve done so far is what sets our affordable local SEO services apart from local search engine optimization services offered by other local SEO agencies in the USA and overseas. At BuzFind, we are a full-service SEO agency that has more to offer than your local SEO agency. We don’t just talk the talk… We walk the walk.

8. Are We Done? Not At All

Many small businesses’ local SEO campaigns fail because they haven’t or missed an important step – Ongoing Optimization. Top-notch local SEO agencies know that local SEO doesn’t end after you launch your local SEO campaign because search engines’ algorithms keep on changing daily – Sometimes, over 200 times a month. With that said, it is important to monitor and gauge your local SEO campaign.

No local SEO professionals and ethical local SEO agencies will tell you that there will not be any adjustment requirements even if you have reached the top of SERPs (search engine results pages). To continue seeing your local business on top of your competitors and achieve local SEO success, you will not to continue optimizing for local search engine optimization, or else, see yourself go to the bottomless pit of Google SERPs.

9. Reporting On Your Local SEO Services Strategy

The last step in making sure that you continue to outrank your competitors in local searches is to report to you monthly on how your local SEO campaign is performing. Don’t worry, the report will not have geeky languages that only our local SEO consultants understand.

Our easy-to-follow report is well designed and includes important metrics that will be valuable to the success of your investment in our affordable local SEO services and your small local business. Remember… continue to optimize for local SEO and your small business will continue to flourish and grow.

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Local SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that helps your local business be more visible in local search results on Google, Bing, and other major search engines. If you have a small business with a physical local store that serves a geographic area, you can benefit from local SEO services. Note that nationwide and local SEO are not the same. Nationwide will require different SEO techniques and a larger budget

Some fly-by-night local SEO agencies and freelancers will promise you positive search results within 2 weeks or so. However, ethical and experienced local SEO agencies will not make that guarantee because it is hard to pinpoint exactly how long it will take to see the fruits of your local marketing campaign. BuzFind’s local SEO specialists’ take on this question is about 6 months or so.

If you are a small one-person shop and understand how search engines work plus have a good grasp of local SEO, then it would make sense to do local SEO yourself. However, hiring a local SEO agency to handle local SEO for you is a sound business decision and a good investment. One question remains – “With too many local SEO agencies, which one should you hire?”.

While some traditional local optimization techniques have become obsolete, local SEO is here to stay and for a long time even during this Covid-19 pandemic. With the help of many local SEO agencies, we’ve seen small local businesses flourish even during the Coronavirus and was the major driver of local traffic and leads to many local stores.

The cost for local SEO services will vary depending on the type of business you are running, how competitive your niche is in your local area, your local SEO needs, your goals, and the marketing budget you have set for your local marketing campaign. There are local SEO agencies that charge between $1,500 to $6,000 per month with a 6-month contract. BuzFind local SEO services are way more affordable than any local SEO agencies charge today.

This is a difficult question to answer because this will depend on what your local business SEO needs, how competitive your market is, and your marketing needs. Nonetheless, you can kick-start your local SEO campaign with an $800 to $2,500 monthly budget. Note that SEO pricing reflects local SEO and not national or international SEO services where they might start at $5,000/month if not more.

Every local SEO agency has its own process of optimizing your website for local SEO. At BuzFind, our local SEO professionals follow a process (we have listed above) that has worked very well for our clients for many years. Our 9-step process is simple yet has helped many local businesses achieve top-ranking in search results and stay there for 5 years in a row.

If you are a local business with a website that no local customers can find when searching for a product you sell or a service you offer, then you need to research local SEO agencies in your area. Moreover, if you are not listed on Google’s map for local search, then you definitely need local SEO services. Remember the old “you can’t get something for nothing.”

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