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Keyword research and competitive analysis are the basis of any reliable SEO marketing campaign. BuzFind keyword research services ensure your website is visible on Google and Bing for keywords that drive relevant traffic, lead to sales, and improve revenue.

Traditional forms of keyword research are not good enough if you want your website to outrank your competitors in search results, and increase web traffic.

BuzFind SEO team offers powerful SEO keyword research strategies (included in our SEO services) that are rooted in data and time-proven research techniques.

By investing in SEO keyword analysis services, you will take your search engine marketing and performance to the next level.

The strength of researching your key phrases extends to better understanding your target audience searching for your services or products.

BuzFind’s SEO keyword research will help your audience find you online and bring the right traffic we call leads to your website.

Unless you want to target the wrong key phrase and attract the wrong audience, you must research the key phrases you want to focus on, understand your audience’s intent and serve them with high-quality content based on their query.

Keyword Research Services at Affordable Prices
Keyword Research Services


Researching your keyword first will bring the right website traffic and increase sales. Traditional keyword research forms you’ll get from SEO freelancers offering keyword research services no longer work in today’s modern search engine algorithms and highly competitive world. Filling your page with keywords you believe you should be targeting doesn’t work today, nor will it work tomorrow.

Today’s search engines’ bots are more intelligent and better understand how humans think and what are their intentions. BuzFind’s keyword research services are affordable and rooted in data-driven analytics and research to help your small business be more visible to potential customers looking to buy your products or need your services.


If you’ve been searching for an affordable SEO company with keyword research for SEO that is effective, rooted in analytics data, your search is over.

BuzFind’s keyword research services for SEO will ensure that you are targeting the right audience. Our keyword research for SEO will help you unlock the keys to improved online website visibility, bring the right audience looking to buy your products or need your services.

BuzFind’s SEO keyword research services will:

  • Ensure your business is visible on major search engines such as Google and Bing for a targeted audience
  • Drive a more relevant audience to your website
  • Increase leads and revenue to your business.


At BuzFind, you’ll get more on-page SEO features for less money. We give you professional on-page SEO services at affordable prices you won’t get from other on-page SEO companies in the USA, and abroad.

Many SEO companies will offer you a plethora of SEO features to entice you and get you to sign up for their on site SEO. They do this to make you think that you’ll be getting more for your buck. But the truth of the matter is that you’ll be getting more of the old and obsolete SEO techniques and a lot less of what you need for a lot of money.

When you choose BuzFind as your on-page SEO company, you will get exactly what your business needs at prices you won’t see offered by ethical and professional SEO agencies. Our SEO experts have been optimizing web pages for on site SEO for over two decades and they can do the same for you.

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Are you ready to optimize your local business for local searches and get found on page 1 of Google and of other major search engines and have your webpage appear above your competitors? Our affordable local SEO services can do just that and for less than what other local SEO companies charge today for their local marketing today.


Is your website not getting found on major search engines’ search results? If the answer is Yes, then there could be two reasons why potential customers can’t find your website.

  • You are using the old fashion way of performing keyword research, or
  • You are not offering good quality content based on your audiences’ search queries matching their intent.

To make sure that you are targeting the right audience with search queries based on their intent, our keyword research for SEO will help you:

  • Better understand your audience
  • Find out what your potential customers are talking about
  • Understand your audience’s intent behind their search query
  • Write high-quality content optimized for your audience’s intent behind their query
SEO Keyword Research by BuzFind


Just in the last ten years, keyword research has evolved. Including keywords alone within your content will not help you rank higher on search engines.

At BuzFind, we firmly believe that performing keyword research for SEO is like having a map that shows you the road and the right path to your destination. And leaving your home without that carefully drawn map, you might land in uncharted and unwanted territories full of unexpected adverse outcomes.

Using keywords that precisely match a person’s search is no longer the most critical ranking factor in the eyes of an SEO professional. It’s the intention behind that keyword, and whether or not a piece of content solves the intent.

However, it doesn’t mean a keyword search for search engines is an antiquated process.

Keyword search tells you what topic people care most about, and using the right keyword tools will allow you to discover more about a topic, and how important that topic is among your targeted audience.

By researching terms that are getting a large volume of searches per month, you can recognize and sort your content into topics.

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Over 85% of shoppers research a service or a product online using their preferred search engine before buying. Having an online presence is not enough and won’t do your small business any good if shoppers can’t find your online business or local store when they need a product or a service.

Your online visibility is vital to creating an established web presence and brand customers will find credible and trust. Keyword research for SEO will help you understand your customers’ intent behind their search queries. BuzFind’s keyword research services will help your business find opportunities that can potentially convert visitors into buyers. Keyword research for SEO is not just important for your online and local store, it’s paramount for its success.

At BuzFind, we work with clients in diverse industries. We offer keyword research for:

  • eCommerce websites
  • Product pages
  • Service pages
  • Blog article/pages
  • and so on

You might have seen or read statements like “Keyword Research as We Know It Is Dead”. Do we agree with that statement? No, we don’t. The way we used to do keyword research in the old days is dead.

Today’s content optimization has much more to do with keywords based on user intent rather than solely targeting a specific word or key phrase and writing about it.

For example, if I research the key phrase ‘Keyword Analysis’ using SEMrush, I learn that the keyword gets about 880 monthly search volume with keyword difficulty of 75.87. I know that the keyword is highly competitive. If I want to rank for ‘keyword analysis’, I know I will need to create high-quality and relevant content around it. But should I target that keyword? The answer will depend on how competitive the keyword is and how I can build quality-content around it.

As an affordable SEO company, we invest in well-known keyword research tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, Soovie, MosPro, AnswerThePublic, Majestic, KeywordTool, LongTailPro, Ubersuggest, and KWFinder just to mention a few. We also monitor social media trends and hashtags to identify new trending phrases online.

Yes, you can do keyword research yourself. The question is, ‘should you?’ Accurately researching the key phrase you want to rank for takes knowledge, time, and patience. If you don’t have the time to conduct a keyword search campaign yourself, then we strongly advise that you seek the help of an SEO company.

At BuzFind, we don’t only use an array of keyword research tools and solutions, we also have the expertise to tap into key phrases you won’t get using the old and obsolete way of performing keyword research using free keyword research tools. Our SEO keyword research services will help you leverage available technologies in a way that will help you identify new opportunities to increase your traffic and revenue.

Our niche has and will always be search engine optimization (SEO). We have successfully delivered search engine marketing and keyword research strategies for many businesses. 

Our SEO keyword research consultants have over two decades of search engine optimization experience. They continue to help companies achieve a top ranking, increase leads, and improve their sales.

Our keyword research services for SEO start with looking at your competition, the keyword(s) they are targeting within their top-ranking page and the keywords you’re thinking of focusing on.

Then we funnel keywords based on your potential customers’ intent. Once we do that, we’ll map the content of a page with your visitors’ buying journey.

The final step is performing keyword tracking. A good keyword relevant to your shoppers’ query and intent might work today, but not tomorrow due to search engines’ regular algorithm updates. This is why it is important that we continue to track each keyword and make necessary changes accordingly. We’ll implement a proper keyword tracking strategy that will continue to properly aligns with your audience’s search intent.

At BuzFind, we work with clients in diverse industries. We offer keyword research for:

  • Keyword research for “eCommerce” websites
  • SEO keyword research for “Product” pages
  • Keyword research services for “Service” pages
  • SEO keyword for “Blog” article/pages
  • and so on

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