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Is your website not ranking on Google or Bing and not generating high website traffic? Then you need our SEO audit services. Our comprehensive website audit is the fastest and a sure way to find out why:

  • Your site isn’t ranking on major search engines
  • Your site is ranking but doesn’t bring high web traffic
  • Your potential customers are not staying long enough on your website
  • Or why your web pages take forever to load

Our SEO audit services have helped many small and mid-sized businesses improve their ranking and
increase traffic.

SEO Audit Services you can afford by BuzFind
SEO AUDIT Services by BuzFind


An SEO audit is a process of analyzing your website to see how well it performs with the major search engines and whether your overall website conforms to the best SEO practices.

An SEO audit is the first step to start an SEO campaign and improve your site’s ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs). The purpose of any SEO audit is to identify as many SEO issues affecting your visibility in organic search results and performance issues your site faces as possible.


Usually, four types of SEO audit should be performed when starting your SEO campaign.

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Content or On-Page SEO elements Audit
  • Link Audit
  • Performance Audit


With cheap SEO packages, you won’t get Good SEO.

We understand that you want to juice as much value out of your limited marketing budget as you can by looking for affordable SEO services. But in business, there are things that you shouldn’t and can never go “cheap” on.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of them.

Affordable search engine optimization for small businesses and cheap SEO packages are not the same.

Remember the old saying, “you get what you paid for?”

In this case, by hiring a low-cost SEO agency, you’ll get what you paid for, cheap SEO services.

Let us give you seven (7) reasons why focusing solely on hiring an affordable SEO company based on cheap SEO packages is an unwise decision and a bad idea that can harm your small business SEO campaign.

  1. Good SEO is not and should not be cheap
  2. Professional SEO services don’t cost $300 a month, or less
  3. You can’t do much with a low-SEO budget
  4. With cheap SEO services, you won’t get quality content nor qualified SEO returns
  5. If you ever get good ranking results with cheap SEO packages, they will be short term
  6. Cheap SEO companies (and freelancers) tend to use black hat tactics that will get your website penalized or banned
  7. Some SEO freelancers will give you a long list of SEO features (most of them are obsolete) they offer to entice you and trick you into signing up with them.

With BuzFind’s affordable SEO services, you’ll get good SEO. Not cheap SEO packages with low-quality marketing techniques that are bound to send your website to the bottomless pit of Google and other major search engines, if not banned altogether.

Have you received a call or an email from a so-called affordable SEO agency (or a cheap freelancer) offering you cheap managed SEO solutions with a promise of guaranteed SEO services? Contact us before you fall prey to SEO scammers.


With a plethora of marketing agencies offering affordable SEO services and cheap SEO packages, finding and hiring the right search engine optimization agency near you or abroad can be very tricky if you don’t know about how to hire an SEO.

Here is what sets BuzFind’s affordable SEO services for small businesses apart from affordable search engine optimization services offered by other affordable SEO companies (including SEO freelancers) in the USA and other countries.

SEO services managed 100% in the USA – BuzFind never outsource, nor plan to do so in the future, your SEO marketing campaign to overseas SEO agencies or SEO freelancers. Your search engine optimization campaign will be managed right here in Reading by SEO experts residing in Berks County, PA.

Professional SEO services at affordable SEO prices – By making BuzFind your affordable SEO company and have your marketing campaign managed by our SEO expert, you will get the same SEO features big SEO marketing companies offer to their clients for thousands of dollars. At BuzFind, we are all about giving More Good SEO Features, for Less Money.

SEO experts available 24/7/365 days a year – Many, if not most SEO companies you’ll find online close on weekends and Holidays. At BuzFind, no matter what time of the day it is where your small business is, and no matter what time it is in your neck of the wood, you can always pick up the phone and reach us. We are open 365 days a year (including on major Holidays) when you need to speak to one of our SEO experts with questions related to your marketing campaign, or just say ‘Hi.’

No SEO ContractEver – Many affordable SEO agencies will have you sign a yearly contract. And if you are not pleased with their search engine optimization services, you can say goodbye to the remainder of the money. With BuzFind, you can stop/cancel your marketing campaign before the end of each money and you will not incur any penalty. All we ask of you is that you email us your request to cancel your managed SEO one (1) before the start of the next billing cycle.


BuzFind affordable SEO services for small businesses benefits and effectiveness are limitless. To show you that search engine marketing is fantastic, let our affordable SEO experts outline the top 5 benefits of our affordable SEO.

1. BuzFind’s affordable SEO services improve Brand Awareness. Having your small business website appear in the top position in search results will improve business visibility, brand awareness and increase impressions.

2. BuzFind’s affordable SEO is Cost-effective. Search engine optimization targets users who are actively looking for a product to buy or a service they need, making it the most cost-effective marketing strategy.

3. SEO Solutions Offer Higher ROI (Return On Investment). When adequately executed, SEO solutions will deliver quantifiable results and multiple your return on investment.

4. BuzFind’s SEO Marketing Will Increase Website Traffic. Ranking in the first 3 top positions on the search engine result pages will increase qualified web traffic and help you receive the majority of the impressions.

5. BuzFind Affordable SEO Optimization Improves User-Experience (UX) and Site Usability. SEO will make your website easier to crawl and indexed by search engine bots and offers improved user-experience when done right.

6. Our Affordable Search Engine Optimization Brings Relevant Traffic. At BuzFind, our SEO professionals focus on bringing customers looking to buy from you, not window shoppers to your website.

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In order to increase website traffic, you need to focus on your visitors first, and not search engines. Offering high-quality content relevant to their search query, making sure you implement optimal on-page SEO techniques on every page of your website and making your page load fast is one of many ways of boosting your site traffic.

When it comes to our search engine optimization, you can either opt to have us work with you and offer you the best SEO techniques and recommendations, or have us fully manage your SEO campaign. Our SEO management will get you top-ranking results for less.

The answer is Yes, and No. We are in the business of optimizing websites for search engines and not web design. However, if you need a website built with SEO in mind, we can work with your web developer to make sure your site is optimized for SEO. So if you’re looking to redesign your website with SEO in mind, we can help.

Yes, we do. Our affordable SEO services do include optimizing websites built on SEO-friendly CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, and more. We’ve been optimizing WordPress-based websites for over two decades. However, if you have a Wix or Squarespace-based website, we can perform a website audit and offer you recommendations to improve your ranking.

Nobody likes a slow website, including you. A couple of years ago, Google has made page load time one of its ranking factors. Besides technical and on-page SEO to improve your website’s ranking in major search engines, our marketing experts focus on page speed and making your website fast again.

Yes, we can. Our affordable SEO services for small businesses include web redesign for SEO, design recommendations (if you decide to stick with your existing web designer or a firm), and much more.

Beware of Cheap SEO Packages. We do not offer affordable SEO packages nor cookie-cutter SEO plans. Our affordable SEO services are based on a belief that every busy is different, thus requiring different SEO techniques depending on their type of business, SEO needs, and goals.

Legit and professional SEO companies, including BuzFind’s affordable SEO services, never offer guaranteed SEO results. Because we are not God, nor Google, we can’t guarantee that your small business website will achieve top ranking in a month or two. We never make such a guarantee or promise. You will however see positive results within 6 months or so.


Best SEO Company In Reading, PA

I contacted buzfind a couple of weeks ago to find out about their search engine optimization services and had the pleasure to speak to Al. He was very professional and very knowledgeable. Al answered all my questions related to optimizing my website and he didn’t make me feel like I needed to sign up or anything like that. After meeting with him, I had a good feeling about his knowledge and him helping me promote my website. After 2 hours of discussion, I decided to go with BuzFind instead of one of the other search engine optimization companies in Reading, PA. BuzFind is the best SEO company in Reading, Berks County, PA – Julio Estes.

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

It is difficult to express in a few words how grateful I was to discover BuzFind. I was publishing my first book and needed a solid website to back it up. I had NO idea about how to optimize SEO – but Al was very patient with me. He was readily available by phone, every day of the week. Not many, if any, companies can say that! Big projects like this really do take a team effort. I highly recommend Al with BuzFind to become a part of your team. Christie Fletcher/Author – Tampa’s Story.

Best SEO Services

BuzFind designed our website with an emphasis on SEO. They did an amazing job for our business. Al (one of the SEO specialists) worked very hard with 100% commitment. Thank you very much. – The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy of Shillington, PA.

Best SEO Company In USA

We at Touba Tires were looking for a local web design and search engine optimization in Reading, PA. After many calls with many web designers and marketers in Reading, Berks County, PA, we decided to go with BuzFind. We call BuzFind on a week-end and someone answered the phone in less than a minute. I highly recommend reaching out to BuzFind and I can guarantee you that you will receive the best price and services you can’t get from other search engine optimization companies in Reading, and the US. You need web design with SEO in mind? Contact BuzFind and ask for Al. You’ll get the best services and professionalism ever. – Touba Tires.

Best Design and SEO Services at Affordable Pricing

We needed a search engine optimization company that could also design our private school website in Algiers, Algeria. I searched the web and after many days of research and reading reviews, I decided to go with BuzFind. I had the pleasure to speak to Al. Al understood the school’s needs and goals and started working on the web design. Now, all I need is to make sure I provide Al with everything he needed. I just need to find time to help BuzFind complete the web design project. – Itkane Ilmi – Algeria.

Best SEO Consultant… Ever

We looked for assistance in doing some work and contact BuzFind. We got a representative come to us in a reasonable time. The rep was friendly, professional, very helpful, and answered all questions, and explained thoroughly any questions. Will I recommend BuzFind? Absolutely! – Marilyn McAndrews.

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